PAT Test Edinburgh

Portable Appliance Testing & Microwave Oven Servicing


We carry out a range of services to suit a variety of budgets and needs.

Our most regular service inspections are shown below. Please call for more information on our services, current promotions and custom options.

If it has a plug on it it should be tested for safety. This could be from a hairdryer, Kettle and coffee machine in a Hair Salon.

A Fax machine, Photocopier, PC, desktop fan or lamp in an office. As well as commercial drills on building sites and test equipment in a garage.

What is involved.

Tests to include;

  • Visual Inspection of Plugs, cables, Fuses and appliances for wear.
  • Earth Test, Insulation, Leakage and Polarity tests where required.
  • Free Fuses changed if poor or incorrect rating.
  • Plugs replaced if they appear damaged or not fitted with pin insulators.

Microwave Oven Radiation Emission Testing.